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The McCombs Foundation

Red & Charline McCombs Institute for the Early Detection and Treatment of Cancer at MD Anderson in Houston, TX

To submit a McCombs Foundation donation request, please mail a request letter to:


McCombs Foundation

755 E. Mulberry Ave.

Suite 600

San Antonio, TX 78212


The Foundation does not accept telephone, email, or requests other than in hard copy, mailed to the address above.

Philanthropy has always been an integral part of the McCombs family.  Growing up in the Great Depression, Red was the son of a Ford mechanic who earned $25 a week but still tithed at his church on Sunday morning.  That exemplary leadership shaped the whole family and impacted the focus of Red’s business purposes.  Over their lives, Red and Charline have given countless donations to various causes and people in need.


Created in 1998, the McCombs Foundation acts as the primary philanthropy arm for the McCombs family.  Since detailed record-keeping began in 1981, the Foundation and McCombs Family have contributed more than $135 million to civic causes in San Antonio and across Texas.


Donations from the Foundation are quite simple in focus: they have no strings attached but require as much return as a regular business investment would.  Red and the Foundation want to create more value from their donation than simply the dollar amount given.


Red McCombs Red Zone at DKR Texas Memoral Stadium, The University of Texas at Austin
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