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McCombs Partners

Acting as the investments arm of McCombs Enterprises, McCombs Partners is the newest addition to Red’s ever-growing portfolio.  Through the McCombs Partners team, Red and his family invest in all kinds of businesses, from startups to fully operational and mature companies, in any industry.  MP is always looking for well-positioned opportunities with good people who need financial, strategic, or management capital in order to take the next step.  The McCombs Partners portfolio has investments in automotive, financial, logistics, medical, sports,  and many more industries.  McCombs Partners aims to, in the words of Red, "expect to win, prepare to win, and execute to win."

Red McCombs brings Spurs of NBA to San Antonio, standing with The Coyote
Red McCombs owned the Minnesota Vikings from 1998 - 2005

For all business propositions, we ask that you please submit a full hardcopy proposal, including the following:

  • Executive summary of the business and opportunity

  • Historical narrative

  • Key personnel information

  • Historical and pro forma financials

  • Growth and improvement opportunities

  • Analysis of competitors

  • Analysis of industry and macroeconomic trends

  • Desired investment size, structure, and entity organization

  • Any other relevant information

Once the information above has been collected and organized in hardcopy form, please mail one copy to:

McCombs Partners

attn: Business Proposals

755 E. Mulberry Ave.

Suite 600

San Antonio, TX 78212

McCombs Partners does not accept email, telephone, contact form, or other requests other than in hardcopy form mailed to the address above.

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